What’s good, everyone?! Welcome to the website of OG Haze, home to stoner books and a love for all things marijuana. What are you rolling today?


In a marijuana field just outside of Denver, CO, between the strains of OG Kush and Purple Haze, a baby was born and given the name OG Haze. Having grown up with his family owning several weed fields, OG became educated quickly on all things cannabis.

Today, OG Haze lives in a loft downtown with his sick-ass girlfriend and loyal pup, GiGi. They enjoy smoking different strains and experimenting with different activities to have dope experiences.

Mixing together his passion of cannabis science and his creative mind, OG Haze brings to you a new and exciting way to smoke, chill, and read.



There’s nothing I love more than hearing from smokers and readers. Let me know what you’re smoking or what you’re reading. I’ll always respond!

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